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 | Disaster Preparedness
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Torrance Emergency Services

Preparing for Today and Tomorrow . . .

MISSION STATEMENT - Emergency Services, in coordination, conjunction and collaboration with all city departments will maximize the City's potential to prevent against, prepare for, respond to and recover from both natural and man-made emergencies and disasters.


Goals of Emergency Services

To prepare and promote the community's ability to prepare for and to take mitigation measures against an emergency/disaster.

Employees and Volunteers
To prepare City employees and Disaster Service Volunteers to handle an emergency/disaster at home and in the workplace.

To revise, implement and test the City of Torrance's MultiHazard Functional Plan (MHFP); To strengthen City departments' ability to respond and recover to an emergency/disaster; To prepare and maintain systems, supplies and other logistical items to support  emergency/disaster response and recovery.

To promote and coordinate with external agencies and organizations to assist the City in its preparedness efforts, mitigation measures, disaster response and recovery.


For More Information . . . (please contact)

The City of Torrance Emergency Services
3300 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA 90503
Phone:  (310) 618-5725