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Juvenile Diversion

(310) 618-5555

The Torrance Juvenile Diversion Program combines a unique blend of mental health professionals and police personnel working together to provide a wide range of intervention and prevention programs. Now currently in our 29th year of existence, the Diversion Program continues to coordinate youth related programs between the City of Torrance, Torrance Unified School District, Probation Department and other community agencies. Listed below are some of our important and innovative programs designed to assist the youth of Torrance and their families.

Individual and Family Therapy - focusing on family problems, adolescent adjustment, delinquent behavior, substance abuse, and child abuse.   Anger Management Group-Adolescent - Anger management group, focusing on communication, stress and anger issues

Intake, assessment and referral services

  Fire Setters Program - Diversion personnel working in conjunction with a licensed therapist facilitating the group to provide assessment and intervention for youths relating to this devastating problem.

Crisis Counseling

  Wilderness Experience - A unique blend of wilderness experience combined with group counseling.

Group Counseling - Sessions accessible at high schools and middle schools, focusing on school and personal problems.