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Jail Inmate Worker Program

(310) 618-5631

The Torrance Police Department offers a Pay to Stay - Inmate Worker Program for qualified persons who have been sentenced to serve time in jail.

WHAT IS THE PAY TO STAY PROGRAM? The Pay to Stay - Inmate Worker Program  provides an alternative to serving time in the county jail. Persons can serve time when sentenced to jail due to a misdemeanor conviction such as driving under the influence or non-drug related cases. Persons with a history of violent behavior will not be admitted to this program. With the approval of the sentencing court, your time can be served in the safe, clean and secure environment of the Torrance Police Department Jail.

HOW CAN I SERVE MY TIME? The Torrance Jail computes sentences on a 24-hour basis (e.g., If you have 3 days to serve, check in would be at 8:30 AM on Monday and check out would be at 8:30 AM Thursday).

STRAIGHT TIME - Inmates serve their time on consecutive days, or at the direction of the court, sentences may be broken up in increments of time, e.g. weekends only. Note: A twenty-four (24) hour period constitutes one (1) day.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Straight-time stays are $99 a day. All fees are payable in advance of your first day.

WILL I BE HOUSED WITH OTHER INMATES?  Pay To Stay - Inmate Workers are housed separately from all other inmates, but may have minimal contact with the regular inmate population during meal service. Inmate workers are required by law to work outside of their cells for a minimum of 4 hours each day. You will assist with minor chores such as food preparation, light cleaning, laundry, trash removal and vehicle washing. Persons who are unwilling or unable to follow instructions will be dismissed from the program.

CAN I BRING PRESCRIPTIONS MEDICATIONS? No. The Torrance Police Department Jail cannot accommodate persons with medical problems requiring the administration of medications. Persons requiring medications will not be accepted into this program.

WHAT PROPERTY MAY I BRING WITH ME? You will need to bring payment in the form of a cashier's check or money order, photo identification, a change of undergarments (i.e. T-shirt, underwear and socks) for every day you serve.

You may bring your prescription glasses or contact lenses and solution. Permitted toiletries include travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and shower shoes.

Also permitted is one softbound book. The only jewelry allowed is one wristwatch. Snack foods are available for purchase; therefore you may possess up to $5.00 for each day (in one-dollar bills). Smoking is not permitted. Please arrive with your permitted items contained in a clear plastic or paper bag. List of permitted items (PDF).

ARE VISITORS ALLOWED? Visiting hours for Pay to Stay - Inmate Workers are daily, between 5 - 7 PM.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? The Torrance Police Department Jail is located at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA. From the 405 freeway, exit at Crenshaw Blvd. and proceed south approximately one mile. Turn right on Maricopa Street and proceed west to Maple Avenue. Turn right and proceed north to Civic Center Drive. Turn left and proceed west to the front of the station.

IS PARKING AVAILABLE? You are encouraged to have someone drop you off during your stay, as overnight parking is not available.

WHAT IS GOOD TIME/WORK TIME? Judges may grant sentenced persons "Good Time / Work Time" credits. These credits are earned during your stay if you serve your time in an acceptable manner, without violating Jail rules or regulations. You must have been sentenced to eleven (11) or more days to begin receiving Good Time / Work Time credits.

HOW DO I ARRANGE TO SERVE MY TIME AT THE TORRANCE JAIL? During your sentencing proceedings ask the court to allow you to serve your sentence in the Torrance City Jail. You will also need to ask for a Court Commitment Order, which states your name, the charge and the sentence (time) to be served. Insure the court indicates specific information on the Court Commitment Order, to include: 1) that your time may be served at the Torrance City Jail, 2) whether your sentence may be served in blocks of time (weekends only), and 3) any variation to the Good Time / Work Time credit.

HOW DO I APPLY? Contact the Torrance Polcie Department Jail at (310) 618-5631 to request a "Pay to Stay - Inmate Worker" application or download online application (PDF).  Complete the application and return it with your Court Commitment Order by mailing to address below or faxing to (310) 618-5660.

Torrance Police Department
Pay to Stay - Inmate Worker Program
3300 Cvic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503
Attention: Jail Supervisor