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 | Disaster Preparedness

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Prevention is the foundation of emergency preparedness. It's the ongoing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on people's lives and property through damage prevention and flood insurance. Through measures such as, building safely within the floodplain or removing homes altogether; engineering buildings and infrastructures to withstand earthquakes: and creating and enforcing effective building codes to protect property from floods, hurricanes and other natural hazards, the impact on lives and communities is lessened.

The City of Torrance has taken a proactive approach to prevention through the use of current Building Codes and Municipal regulations to ensure that the community is safer.  In 2004, the City adopted and approved its Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan and in 2005 both the State of California and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved this plan. The current Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is due for renewal and is under review. Click Here to view the current plan.