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Torrance Police Department Motorcycle Officer

Traffic and Special Events Division


 Oversized Vehicle (OV) Online Registration

Residents can pre purchase permits, select days of use of permits, cancel use of a permit and pre-register their OV online (including those hosting guests in OV's or trailers).  The process still requires residents to come to City Hall or the Torrance Police Department to show proof of residency, along with matching addressed vehicle registration and a utility bill to complete their one-time registration transaction.  Once completed, residents can conduct permit purchases online with a credit or debit card and can activate or de-activate daily permits from their computers or hand held devices. 

To use the online OV system, residents will are required to create a user name and password the first time by logging on at   Once registered and given access, residents will be allowed to access and manage their accounts.  Registered users may have multiple register OVs and/or trailers and may manage all accounts online.

For questions or more information on the online OV system, please contact the Community Development Department at (310) 618-5990 or the Torrance Police Department at (310) 618-5557

Oversized Vehicle Regulations 

As defined in Ordinance No. 3686, an oversized vehicle is a vehicle, or combination of vehicles that exceeds twenty feet in length, seven feet in width, or eight feet in height.  Oversized Vehicles do not include pick up trucks or SUV's which are less than twenty five feet in length and eighty-two inches in height. For a full list of equipment or vehicles that qualify as "Oversized Vehicle", click HEREThis ordinance also applies to all detached trailers or combination of vehicle and trailer. Click Here for more information.

Traffic Division Videotaping Traffic Violators in School Zonesclick here for more...

Traffic safety and flow continue to be prime concerns within the City of Torrance.  Most citizens of Torrance report that some of their greatest concerns are traffic-related, such as congestion on major thoroughfares and problems with speeding vehicles within their neighborhoods.  Traffic is further increased due to the high influx of daily visitors and workers into the City.

The goals and objectives of the Torrance Police Department Traffic and Special Events Division are to reduce the number and severity of traffic collisions in the City.  This is done through education, accident investigation, and enforcement, and by working with the City's Community Development Department to address ongoing concerns.  The Traffic and Special Events Division deploys motor officers, DUI officers, an education officer, parking enforcement officers, commercial enforcement officers and crossing guards to accomplish this goal.

In addition to traffic enforcement and education duties, the Division is also responsible for coordinating large special events within the City such as the annual Armed Forces Day Celebration and Parade, and the 4th of July Celebration at Wilson Park. 

View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for information regarding common traffic related questions.

Abandoned Vehicles (Vehicles parked in excess of 72 hours)

In the City of Torrance, it is illegal to leave a vehicle parked in excess of 72 hours per Torrance Municipal Code 61.6.4.  In order for a vehicle to be in violation, the vehicle has to have been parked in one spot, without moving, for 72 consecutive hours.  To report a vehicle parked in excess of 72 hours or which appears to be abandoned, email  You can also call the Traffic Division between the hours of 7:30 a.m and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at (310) 618-5557.  After hours or on the weekend, call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at (310) 618-2344.

When reporting a vehicle you must include:

Vehicle location
License Plate of the vehicle
Description of the vehicle


Neighborhood Traffic Complaints (Area Traffic Officer (ATO) Program)

The Area Traffic Officer (ATO) Program was established to assist citizens with ongoing neighborhood traffic issues such as speeding, illegal parking or other traffic related issues.  Many times these issues are a recurring problem that cannot easily be solved by regular traffic or patrol officers.  Currently, we have two officers assigned as ATOs with one assigned to all areas of the City north of Torrance Boulevard and one assigned to all areas of the City south of Torrance Boulevard.  If you have an ongoing traffic related issue in your neighborhood, please contact your ATO. 

 If this is concerning an abandoned vehicle, please call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 310-618-2344.  

NorthATO@TorranceCA.Gov for all areas of the City North of Torrance Boulevard

SouthATO@TorranceCA.Gov for all areas of the City South of Torrance Boulevard


Cell Phone Laws (Effective July 1, 2008)

Click here for Cell Phone Law FAQ sheet.     View the video segment below regarding the new cell phone laws. 

CitiCABLE 3 - This Week In Torrance #04.08


Animal Control

The Traffic and Special Events Division is also responsible for the City of Torrance's Animal Control Program.  For information on Animal Control, click here.