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Laterals @ TPD

The Torrance Police Department is home to many lateral officers from other police departments. In order to help you understand why a police officer would leave one police agency for another we offer the following personal testimonials.


Officer Marshall Officer Craig Marshall

Family priorities led to my transferring from the San Diego Police Department, where I had worked for five years, to the Torrance Police Department. This was a difficult decision since I was happy with the department and had the opportunity to work a variety of assignments.
My goal was to find an equally reputable department where I could continue my efforts in a job that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Torrance Police Department was the agency that met my requirements of reputation, compensation, career opportunities, and overall quality.

The Torrance Police department is a professional and progressive organization that is large enough to offer variety and opportunity, and small enough to provide a personal atmosphere and sense of community. I have had no regrets with my decision, and I have experienced an improvement to my quality of life, both personally and professionally.