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Military @ TPD

The Torrance Police Department has many former military men and women who have chosen a career with our team and we would like to share the personal perspective of law enforcement and our Department from a few of them.


Marine Corps Todd Kranke

Hello, my name is Todd Kranke.  I graduated from bootcamp at San Diego MCRD in June of 1994.  After completing my necessary schooling, I tried out for FAST Company (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Team).  I was accepted and found myself stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.  Fortunately, the tempo of FAST Company was just that - fast.  Between training, I deployed to several areas, some of which included Haiti, the Middle East, Scotland and England.  After FAST Company, I received orders to the 1st Batallion/5th Marines at Camp Pendleton.  I quickly became part of training and assumed duty as squad leader.  My unit soon deployed as the 31st MEU to Okinawa, Japan where we qualified as Special Operations Capable.  Along with intense training in the jungles of Southeast Asia, I got to be part of Operation Cobra Gold 97 in Thailand.  By the time I returned to Camp Pendleton, I had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and assumed the duties and responsibilities of Platoon Sergeant.  My experiences from the Marine Corps have taught me the value of sacrifice, camaraderie, and good leadership.

Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps, I was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department where I stayed for 2 years.  While I did enjoy my time with LAPD, I was seeking something more and I could not find it with the LAPD.  I had grown up in Torrance and always respected what the Torrance Police Department represented.  The department always had a good reputation, and possessed employees of stalwart character.

Upon lateraling to Torrance PD, I quickly discovered that I had become part of a family.  I took a special interest in protecting the community that I had grown up in.  I can certainly say that coming to Torrance PD was the best decision I had made, both personally and professionally.

I also want to say that I am privileged to be serving the City of Torrance with Sergeant Jeremiah Hart, who I had gone to High School with and served alongside in the Marine Corps.  We have reflected many times on the fact that we have served in the Marine Corps on foreign shores, and have brought our experiences and values back to the Torrance Police Department.


Marine Corps Bryan Levell

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in May 1994.  After boot camp on Parris Island, S.C. and SOI on Camp Lejeune, N.C., I spent a year on USNB, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  I was then sent to Camp Pendleton, California.   I was drawn to the Marine Corps by our history and traditions.  Everyone does their job and you're there for the Marine next to you.  Never embarrass the Corps, maintain uniform appearance and always be professional.  In return we all participated in the greatest fraternity in the world, made memories that will last a lifetime and proudly wear the title United States Marine.   At the Torrance Police Department we too are bound by history and tradition. Our history is serving our community, keeping the city safe and putting criminals where they belong.  The same uniform maintenance and professionalism is required and expected here as it was in the Corps.  Core values of honor, courage, and commitment are powerful ideals that are deeply held by all Marines.  Working here at the Torrance Police Department I have found these same core values among the men and women that serve the community of Torrance.  In the Corps we learned to depend on our team and here at Torrance PD we too always look out for the officer next to us.   Where the rubber meets the road, we do the dirty work!  When residents are sleeping soundly in Torrance, we're in the street. When children are playing safely in Torrance parks and schools, we're watching over them.   In return, we are paid well, provided with the proper equipment to do our job and have a great retirement package.  There are priceless intangibles as well; our citizen's appreciate what we do, the city backs our play and if you need it, the department and it's employees are there for you like family.   JOIN US! SEMPER FIDELIS!


Navy Emblem Stuart Scott

My name is Stuart Scott and I have been at the Torrance Police Department since1998.  I came to TPD after serving in the United States Navy, and working in the private sector for a few years.

I was attracted to the law enforcement community for many of the same reasons that I liked being in the military such as wearing a uniform, doing something new every day, and being a part of a mission-driven organization.

I was specifically drawn to the Torrance Police Department due to its outstanding reputation amongst the Law Enforcement community.  I was impressed by the professionalism of the Department during the hiring process, as well as their hands-on interest while I was going through the police academy.  After working the streets since 1998, I have discovered two things; there is no other city whose citizens support their Police Department as strongly as Torrance citizens, and there is no better place to work as a Police Officer.  I look forward to serving the citizens of this community for my entire career.