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 | Santa Float 2014 Schedule

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TPOA Santa Float Schedule

SUN 30 NOV 1** Carson to Maricopa, Madrona to Crenshaw
MON 1 DEC 2 Carson to Sepulveda, Crenshaw to Western (Chatelaine)
TUE 2 DEC 3 Del Amo to Carson, Crenshaw to Western
WED 3 DEC 4 Sepulveda to 239th St., Crenshaw to Arlington
THU 4 DEC 5 Sepulveda to 242nd St., Arlington to Western
FRI 5 DEC 6 Sepulveda to Lomita, Hawthorne to Crenshaw (Springwood)
SAT 6 DEC 7 PCH to South City Limits, Crenshaw to East City Limits,
Windmill to South City Limits, Rolling Hills Rd. to Singingwood
SUN 7 DEC 8** Sepulveda to PCH, West of Anza/Calle Mayor
MON 8 DEC 9 PCH to Winlock, Rolling Hills Way to Hawthorne and
residents West of DePortoa Park
TUE 9 DEC 10 Calle Mayor to South CIty Limits, Southwest to Anza/Calle Mayor
WED 10 DEC 11 PCH to City Limits, West of Calle Mayor
THU 11 DEC 12 Torrance to PCH, Hawthorne to Anza/Calle Mayor
FRI 12 DEC 13 PCH to South City Limits, Hawthorne to Via Colusa and Calle De Ricardo
SAT 13 DEC 14 Torrance to Sepulveda, West of Anza
SUN 14 DEC 15 Torrance to 190th St., Anza to Madrona
MON 15 DEC 16 Del Amo to Torrance, West of Anza (Pacific Colony)
TUE 16 DEC 17 190th St. to Del Amo, West of Anza
WED 17 DEC 18 Artesia to 190th St., West of Prairie
THU 18 DEC 19 Artesia/405 Fwy., Prairie to Crenshaw
FRI 19 DEC 20 Redondo Beach Blvd. to Artesia, West of Crenshaw to Hawthorne
SAT 20 DEC 21 Redondo Beach Blvd. to Artesia, Crenshaw to Western
SUN 21 DEC 22** Artesia to 405 Fwy., 405 Fwy. to Western

Float leaves the Station promptly at 5:00 PM each night

** Float leaves at 4:00 PM on these nights