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Community Lead Officers


CLOs are tasked with addressing quality of life issues that often times cannot be properly addressed by regular Patrol Officers due to time and resource requirements.  These quality of life issues commonly include issues including environmental concerns with residential homes (i.e. unkempt, cars parked on the lawn, large amounts of debris, etc) and neighborhood dispute issues.  More recently, in accordance with Focus Based Policing, the CLO Detail has expanded their focus to include street level narcotics investigations, auto theft, violations of the Torrance Municipal Code and any other issues affecting the quality of life in the City of Torrance.  The Community Lead Officer Detail works out of the Community Affairs Division and is comprised of a Sergeant and four Community Lead Officers.  Each Community Lead Officer (CLO) is responsible for a area of the City.

You can contact your area CLO online by clicking on the appropriate email address below.  Please be as specific as possible regarding the nature of the complaint, the location and any other information that would assist your CLO in addressing the issue.  In order to contact you for follow up information, please include a daytime and evening phone number and indicate the best time to call you.


To find the CLO responsible for your area, click here. 

Corresponding Email Addresses: