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Vacation Security Check

The Torrance Police Department offers Vacation Security Checks to all Torrance residents.  While you are away on vacation, officers from the Torrance Police Department will periodically stop by your home to check for open doors, broken windows or any other suspicious circumstances.  This is another added security precaution you can utilize to safeguard your possessions and assure your peace of mind while you are on vacation.  This is a free, but invaluable service provided by the Torrance Police Department to the citizens of Torrance.  Please fill in the form below to request a vacation check.

Homeowner realizes that the Police Department and the City do not assume any liability for loss or damage to property during specified dates. Homeowner understands there is no guarantee that vacation checks will be done daily.

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Ending Date:  
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Have you stopped the mail and/or newspaper(s) or
made arrangements for someone to pick them up?
Mail/Newspaper Action:  
If pick up, whom?  
Will you be leaving lights on timers or for the entire time?
If timers, what hours? 
Is there a pool or Jacuzzi at the location?
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Any pets at the residence while you are gone?
If pets, what type? 
Is there a person we can contact in case of an emergency at the residence?
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Do they have a key?  Yes   No
Is there anyone authorized to be at the location while you are gone?
(Inc: pet sitters, gardeners, maids, pool people, etc.)
Authorized Visitors?  Yes   No

If Yes 
(name, description of vehicle, relationship to you
and dates they will be there)

Alarm System?  Yes   No
If Yes 
(who monitors it and
how do we contact them)
Will there be any vehicles parked in the driveway while you are gone?
Vehicles in Driveway?  Yes   No
If Yes 
(Make, model, color,
license plate, etc.)

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