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Basic Aid Training (BAT)

On duty fire fighters, assigned to local fire stations, provide the Famous Fire Facts portion of the American Red Cross Basic Aid Training (BAT) to all fifth grade classes in the Torrance Unified School District each year.

During the month of October, all fifth grade students are presented with information about:

  • Fire cannot burn without air;
  • Burn classifications;
  • First aid for burns;
  • Making escape plans with pre-arranged meeting places;
  • In case of fire, get out safely and fast;
  • Fire alarms / smoke detectors; and
  • Stop, drop, and roll
  • The learning outcomes desired from this instruction are that the student will:

    1. Understand the importance of controlling airflow to fire.
    2. Know first aid for first, second, and third degree burns.
    3. Have developed a fire escape plan that includes a family meeting place, as well as primary and secondary escape routes.