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Emergency Medical Services

Goal: To provide quality pre-hospital emergency medical care

Currently all emergency medical incidents in the City of Torrance receive a minimum response of one Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit by one of our five paramedic rescue squads.

 All life threatening medical emergencies receive the addition of a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit response. Our BLS units are all staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians with special cardiac defibrillator equipment and training (EMT-D).


Emergency Medical Services


Through a cooperative effort with Little Company of Mary Hospital and the Torrance Unified School District, the Torrance Fire Department is attempting to provide the best in cardiac care through the Safer City Initiative Program.


EMS Fire Engine with Paramedic Unit Q: Why does the Fire Department respond a fire engine with the paramedic unit?

A:    We respond both an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedic Unit and Basic Life Support (BLS) Engine or Truck Company on all life threatening emergencies. In the event that cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is need, the paramedics would not be available to provide advanced life support if they were performing 2 person CPR. The typical division of labor during these types of emergencies is as follows: Engine Company, 2 person CPR, Scene Management, Equipment Supply, Paramedic Rescue, Base Hospital Contact, Patient Assessment, Drug Therapy.  



  For additional Information, Contact the EMS Coordinator.