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What is the Vial of Life Program?

The Vial-of-Life is a plastic container like the one medicine comes in. It has forms for you to list important medical information for one or all persons in the household. Fill out the forms that come in the vial completely and place the forms back into the vial. Place the Vial on the top shelf of your refrigerator door. The Vial-of-Life also contains a specially designed sticker to place on your front door or window to notify emergency medical personnel that you have a Vial of Life. You can also place a Vial of Life in the glove compartment of your car and put the sticker on the car window.

How does the Vial-of-Life work?

In the event of a medical emergency, paramedics will look for the Vial-of-Life sticker on your front door or window. When the paramedics see the sticker, they will know to get the Vial from the top shelf of the refrigerator door. The paramedics will then have the vital medical information they will need to begin treatment.

Who should participate in the Vial-of-Life?

Anyone can benefit from a having a Vial-of-Life, especially senior citizens and anyone who has a chronic illness or who lives alone.

How do I get a Vial-of-Life?

The Vial-Of-Life can be picked up at any Torrance Fire Station (Station Locations) or a participating pharmacy for free. You may also click here (Vial-Of-Life) to download a copy of the Vial-Of-Life form that you can print and fill out at home.