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What's an Oversized Vehicle?
As defined in Ordinance No. 3686, an oversized vehicle is a vehicle, or combination of vehicles that exceeds twenty feet in length, seven feet in width, or eight feet in height.  Oversized Vehicles do not include pick up trucks or SUV's which are less than twenty five feet in length and eighty-two inches in height. For a full list of equipment or vehicles that qualify as "Oversized Vehicle", click HERE.  This ordinance also applies to all detached trailers or combination of vehicle and trailer.

Upon receiving a variety of complaints, concerns, comments and suggestions from the public about oversized vehicles (OV) and trailers being stored on public streets, the City Council directed staff to address this issue. 

In December 2004, City staff started the public outreach process wherein staff welcomed public input and gathered information about oversized and other types of vehicles, and conduct research about how other cities are addressing this situation. After almost 24 months of exploring the issue and gathering input from members of the community, an Ordinance for parking of Oversized Vehicles and Trailers was created. 

Ordinance No. 3686 was adopted by the City Council on September 12, 2006. The Ordinance includes provisions  for those residents who are handicapped, or who qualify with the City as a low-income family.   All other CVC (California Vehicle Code) and TMC (Torrance Municipal Code) laws still apply; e.g., the 72-hour rule, street sweeping signs, etc.