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Interlibrary Loan Request

Interlibrary loan - for materials NOT owned by the Torrance Public Library

Through the Library's interlibrary loan service, books and other materials may be borrowed from libraries outside of the Torrance Public Library system. You may also request photocopies of materials such as magazines and some materials reproduced in microform such as newspapers. Photocopy requests are filled in accordance with copyright law.

Audiovisual materials (DVDs, CDs, and Cassettes) are not available for loan.

There is a $5.00 fee for each item requested from a library outside of the Torrance Public Library system; the fee is due upon pick up of the material. When the material you requested arrives, you will be notified by phone or email. You have three weeks to pick up the material before it is sent back to the lending library. Material may be borrowed for three weeks and is not renewable.

Local history and genealogy materials (such as census schedules, county histories, court records, family genealogies, and newspapers) are not readily accessible through regular interlibrary loan channels. These materials are often in microform or require special handling. Therefore, requests for these materials are processed through the Local Family History Centers in Torrance.

Family History Center 
22605 Kent Ave
Torrance, California
Phone: 310-791-6256
Hours: M 9:30am-4:30pm; Th 9:30am-8:30pm; Sat 9:30am-1pm.

Please fill out the following form completely.

Interlibrary Loan Request Form
If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Desk at 310-781-7599.

Torrance Public Library Requests - for materials owned by the Torrance Public Libary
Print and Audio-visual materials may be requested from a Torrance Public Library and transferred to your local Torrance Public Library location. There is a fee for each item requested. Adult materials cost $.75 and juvenile items cost $.15; the fee is due upon pick up of the material.

When the material you requested arrives, you will be notified by phone or email. You have one week to pick up the material before it is sent back to the original location. Most books, compact discs, and cassettes check out for three weeks (some items in high demand have restricted loan periods).  Videos and DVDs check out for seven days. Most materials may renewed if there is no waiting list.

Please log in to your Torrance Public Library account or call your local branch for more information:

ILL Requests for Microfilm
To place an ILL request for microfilm, please use the online form above.  There is a $5.00 non-refundable service charge per item to initiate the search with no guarantee of delivery. Payment is required at the time the items are picked up. We will make every effort to locate the item nationwide in libraries that provide ILL. Patrons will be notified if the lending library charges any additional fees.  We will call patrons when the microfilm is available, or if we are unable to fill the request.

We recommend that the you verify that the holding library will loan the film.  The most important question: will the owning Library loan the item?

Newspaper names and dates of publication can be verified on the US Newspaper Program site,  Examples of a search are provided on the following pages.  State Library and Historical Societies are often repositories.

Please fill out the above form as completely as possible.

. Microfilm information includes: Name & address of the holding Library; Newspaper title & dates; Roll # of the film; State of publication.

. Patron Information: Date, Patron's name, Current phone number; Torrance library card number. 

. If the OCLC#  is available write it at the bottom of the form.  

The following two examples are to demonstrate locating the OCLC # and Roll #s  in the United States Newspaper Program.  This example was an actual request using

Example 1: Locating the OCLC number.
On the main page select North Dakota on the map.  The program will step you down to the state repository.  Each State has a different interface at this stage.  The following is North Dakota's.

Our newspaper archives contain issues from Dakota Territory as early as 1864 and many from 1872 to the present.  The North Dakota Newspaper Law of 1905 required official newspapers to provide two copies to the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  Newspaper titles may be searched using ODIN (Online Dakota Information Network) or they may be found by clicking on the county in which it was published (shown below) and then selecting the city or town.  The newspapers are then arranged alphabetically by exact title and the listings include the microfilm roll numbers to facilitate interlibrary loan requests.  (see Reference Service Charges)  The State Historical Society of North Dakota also has a small collection of newspapers from Minnesota and South Dakota which document aspects of North Dakota history.

Selecting ODIN, you are dropped into a search box.  When you search for the Williston Herald as a title you are dropped into a list of 10 choices.  The only one early enough is # 6. The full record provides the OCLC# and holding library information

Call Number    Microfilm
Call Number    Newspapers
State Historical Society of ND

Electronic Location    Microfilm holdings }  
Uniform Title    Williston herald (Williston, N.D. : Weekly) . 
Title    Williston herald. 
Publisher    Williston, N.D. : E.M. Crary,
Phys. Description    v. :  ill.
Format    SE
Pub. Frequency    Weekly
Numbering    Vol. 1, no. 1 (Aug. 17, 1899)-
   Ceased Feb. 2, 1935.
General Note    "Official paper of Williams County."
Additional Form    Available on microfilm from the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Continued by    Williston daily herald (Williston, N.D. : 1930) 

OCLC Number    ocm19486843 *

Example 2: Locating the Roll numbers.
The second option is to select a City from the State map or scroll down the County list and select the newspaper title.  Using this option and scrolling down to selecting Williston, you are again dropped into a list of title variations and dates.  The numbers in the left column are the microfilm roll numbers of the owning library.

Williston herald (Williston, N.D. : Weekly)
Williston, N.D. : E.M. Crary.
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Aug. 17, 1899)- ; ceased Feb. 2, 1935.
Published Weekly; Semiweekly, Nov. 19, 1929-Oct. 16, 1930 in English language.
Other information: "Official paper of Williams County." Other edition available: Williston daily herald (Williston, N.D. : 1930). Continued by: Williston daily herald (Williston, N.D. : 1930).
Microfilm holdings (roll numbers, inclusive dates, missing issues):
#01468+ - Aug. 17, 1899
- June 1, 1905- Sept. 24, 1908
01469+ - Sept. 24, 1908- Dec. 7, 1910
01470+ - Dec. 7, 1910- May 22, 1913
01471+ - May 22, 1913- Apr. 1, 1915
01472+ - Apr. 1, 1915- Nov. 23, 1916
01473+ - Nov. 23, 1916- May 2, 1918
01474+ - May 2, 1918- Sept. 30, 1920
North Dakota provides a nice link to their ILL policy and charges.  This is not true of all States.  Some States only own archival copies for in library use. They will not loan them.