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ProQuest Newspaper Database

US Major Dailies provides access to the five most respected US national and regional newspapers, including The New York Times and Washington Post, co-exclusive access to The Wall Street Journal, and exclusive access to Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The titles offer researchers thorough and timely coverage of local, regional, and world events with journalistic balance and perspective. The content is available by 8am each day and provides archives stretching as far back as 1985. This database is available on the ProQuest platform.

Access is available from home and work for this database. For remote access click the link above. You will need your library card number to access this resource.

ProQuest US Major Dailies includes the following:


Full Text

Full Text

Cit/Abs First

Cit/Abs Last

Abstract First

Abstract Last

Chicago Tribune 4-Dec-1996 Current 1-Jan-1989 Current 1-Jan-1989 Current
Chicago Tribune (Online) 23-Feb-2017 Current 23-Feb-2017 Current 24-Feb-2017 Current
Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996
Chicago Tribune Blogs (Chicago, IL) 13-Sep-2014 Current 13-Sep-2014 Current    
Los Angeles Times 4-Dec-1996 Current 4-Dec-1996 Current 4-Dec-1996 Current
Los Angeles Times (Online) 21-Feb-2017 Current 21-Feb-2017 Current 21-Feb-2017 Current
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1985 3-Dec-1996
Los Angeles Times Blogs (Los Angeles, CA) 23-May-2014 Current 23-May-2014 Current 2-Mar-2017 Current
New York Times 1-Jun-1980 Current 1-Jun-1980 Current 1-Jun-1980 Current
New York Times (Online) 24-Mar-2015 Current 24-Mar-2015 Current 24-Mar-2015 Current
New York Times Book Review 7-Jan-2007 Current 5-Jan-1986 Current 5-Jan-1986 Current
New York Times Magazine 5-Jan-1997 Current 5-Jan-1986 Current 5-Jan-1986 Current
WSJ : the Magazine from the Wall Street Journal 1-Jun-2011 1-Apr-2013 1-Jun-2011 1-Apr-2013 1-Jun-2011 1-Apr-2013
Wall Street Journal 2-Jan-1984 Current 2-Jan-1984 Current 2-Jan-1984 Current
Wall Street Journal (Online) 8-Jan-2010 Current 8-Jan-2010 Current 8-Jan-2010 Current
The Washington Post (Online) 21-May-2016 Current 21-May-2016 Current 21-May-2016 Current
The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) 1-Jan-1987 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1987 3-Dec-1996 1-Jan-1987 3-Dec-1996
The Washington Post 4-Dec-1996 Current 1-Feb-1988 Current 1-Feb-1988 Current
Washington Post - Blogs 23-Jul-2013 Current 23-Jul-2013 Current