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Torrance Public Library Internet Explorer ToolBar


You may be familiar with the Google ToolBar that you install into Internet Explorer .  This places a Google search box at the top of Internet Explorer that you can type search words into, and immediately get Google results without having first to go to the Google Home Page.  Good News!  The Torrance ToolBar now works with Firefox including on the Mac.

The Torrance ToolBar works in a similar fashion but has "more"!  There is a search box, but more important is a drop down arrow that lets you decide among 13 different databases, our online catalog, as well as Google to search. 

You may want to print out the instructions on this page as well as the instructions from the link below.

1.  Go to 

2.  Click the "Click Here To Download" line, and save the file to a folder on your PC.

3.  Close Internet Explorer while you do the following install.

4.  When it's downloaded, go that folder and click the "setup.exe" file that you saved.  It will give you a number of screens in the install, and just take the default locations etc.

5. Launch Internet Explorer and go to "View" at the top, click that and take the "Toolbars" choice.  You should see a new toolbar listed called "SearchAXIS".  Click to put a checkmark by it.  That will make it display.  If you have the new version of Internet Explorer (Version 7), then you choose "Tools" at the top right, and take the Toolbars choice and again choose the "SerachAXIS" toolbar.  The new Torrance Toolbar should display with "Torrance Public Library" on the left, a search box with a drop down "Search" choice, and "Library Links".

6.  Before you use the toolbar, choose the down arrow near the "Torrance Public Library" text, and choose "Change User Information".  You will need to fill in your library card number there so the systems will validate you as a Torrance user.

7.  Try searching in any of the databases.  First fill in the search terms you want to find, and then click the box next to that and drop down the list of databases to search.  Click one of those and the search process will begi.  We've found that the first time you use the database, you see all of the login screens as the system fills in the username and password for you as well as your chosen search terms.  The second time you use many of the databases, you don't often see the login screens.

If you want to uninstall it, you can go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and choose to remove it.