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City Manager
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Community Relations is a function of the Office of Cable & Community Relations, which is a division of the City Manager's Office.  The Office of Cable & Community Relations is located in the Stanley E. Remelmeyer Telecommunications Center.

The City Manager has established the Community Relations Team for the purpose of coordinating internal and external communications.  The City Manager is committed to improving the quality of service to the community through informed City employees. 

The Community Relations Team serves as a central depository of information concerning community issues.  The Team includes the Cable & Community Relations Manager, Community Relations Associate, Assistant to the City Manager, Senior Management Assistants, Management Assistants, and department representatives as needed.  The Team offers a wide variety of services to help the Mayor and City Council inform, engage, involve and respond to the residential and business communities.  The responsibilities are divided into the following categories:

  • Government Affairs
  • Major Emergency & Disaster Media Relations
  • Government Community Relations
  • Inter-Governmental Relations
  • Government Resident Relations
  • Government Business Relations



    Major Emergency & Disaster Media Relations (Michael D. Smith 310.618.5762V 310.781.7132F)

    Media Relations

    • Work with media during emergencies for accurate and timely reporting of city government issues
    • Serve as city spokesperson (Public Information Officer)

    Emergency Preparedness

    • Serve as Chair of Emergency Public Information Officer Team



    Government Affairs (Michael D. Smith 310.618.5762V 310.781.7132F)

    Media Relations

    • Michael D. Smith is City Public Information Officer for non-public safety city issues/events and in the event of a disaster.
    • Media liaison for elected leaders and departments

    External Publications/Communications and Marketing

    • Serve as city spokesperson
    • Assist Mayor/Council with speech writing and special appearances
    • Make public presentations on media/government relations
    • Manage external communications on citywide Internet Homepage
    • Work with departments on all marketing, advertising and communications strategies including:
    • Write/produce/advise/review press releases, pamphlets, brochures, marketing and promotional flyers, programs, etc. for all City Departments (exclusive of Police and Fire)
    • Write and edit newsletter portion of the Torrance Seasons
    • Manage cable television channels: CitiCABLE 3, Torrance 22, and Torrance Community Television 28
    • Promote Departmental special events
    • Promote Torrance as a great place to live, work and play
    • Advise Economic Development Team on improving the City of Torrance's corporate image nationally in effort to attract tourism and economic development benefits