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KNET 25.2

Torrance's CitiCABLE is now live over-the-air on low power television station KNET, Channel 25.2. Viewers can get the free TV station with a rooftop or portable antenna.

This broadcast station expands transparency of local government to a larger Southern Californian audience. Viewers from Lancaster to Orange County and inland to Riverside can now watch 24 hours of programming that includes Torrance City Council meetings, and award-winning shows that feature news, sports, entertainment, businesses, pets, cooking, seniors, and much more.

CitiCABLE's carriage on KNET increases the potential viewers from an estimated 55,000 households to more than 4 million. It affords anyone doing business with Torrance, as well as residents and employees, one more way to see what is happening in the community without having to rely on a pay cable provider.

To determine the proper antenna type for your viewing preferences visit AntennaWeb. From there you should be able to see all the over-the-air stations your antenna can receive View an Example (PDF).



What is KNET-CD?
KNET-CD is a low-power television station in Los Angeles, California. Click Here to learn more.

Can I have an over-the-air antenna hooked up to my TV while keeping my cable or Satellite?
Yes you can! Simply use your TV remote control and change your televisions input. For example, the input for over-the-air television would need to be set to TV, and either cable or HDMI for satellite or cable television.

How do I set up a digital-to-analog converter box?
Visit the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) website for a Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Setup Guide.

I live in West LA. Why am I able to receive KNLA 20.2 but not KNET 25.2?
The signal pattern for KNET is further east than the signal pattern for KNLA. Be sure to have a digital TV and not an analog TV using a set top box or an over-the-air antenna.

I have a digital TV but I am still unable to receive KNET 25.2. Is there a way to boost my signal reception?
Make sure that you have a good over the air antenna hooked up to your TV. There are many forms of durable UHF/VHF directional television antenna's that help with receiving signals. Here is an example of a compact long range antenna.