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 | Environmental Resources for Businesses
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Environmental Resources for Businesses

Get Green!

Environmental Resources for Businesses

Tips and Ideas that will:
Save money
Meet regulatory requirements
Protect the environment

Get Green - save the planet one business at a time!

It's True! Businesses can make it happen - combine good environmental practices with cost-cutting efficiency. When you "Get Green", your business saves money and helps the Earth. Because having effective environmental operations usually costs less in the long run, increasing the bottom line while meeting regulatory requirements and protecting our land, air and water - all at the same time.


Recycling/Waste Management:

Recycling and reducing the amount of waste companies produce can lower refuse service costs as well as conserving valuable resources. Depending on how your company chooses to set things up, recycling programs can raise funds for special programs, benefit charities or schools, and even reduce the amount of paper or other office products your company purchases.

Statewide regulations include mandatory commercial recycling that affects most businesses.  Click here for details.

A few general Recycling or Waste Reduction Tips*:

" Use e-mail whenever possible instead of printing documents
" Establish a policy of double-sided photocopying and printing
" Make scratch pads out of single-sided paper
" Send toner cartridges back to the vendor for remanufacturing or try donating to a local school recycling program
" Circulate one copy of memos and reports for review instead of printing hard copies for everyone.
" Provide reusable plates, mugs, utensils and glasses instead of disposable paper and plastic items.
" If your facility has a lawn, leave grass clippings directly on the lawn instead of bagging them for disposal. This will reduce waste and add nitrogen back to the soil for a healthier lawn.
" For larger companies or business complexes, contact the building manager to ask about getting a recycling program that takes mixed paper, cardboard, and beverage containers for the entire building.
" For smaller companies, consider paying for a recycling program as long as the cost is less than what you pay for waste disposal. If you eliminate a waste dumpster by recycling, that will lower your overall fees.
(*from the SmartBusiness Recycling LA program)

For more tips on waste prevention for businesses, click here.

Ideas for Programs and Services*:

Check with your current waste hauler to see if they have a recycling program to offer. Torrance is an "open" city, meaning that waste haulers and recyclers are allowed to operate competitively, they just need a business license. Click here for a list of haulers operating in Torrance (pdf format).


The Los Angeles Conservation Corps offer free recycling programs to multifamily units and businesses throughout the entire County. Call 213-749-3601 for information.


For help locating a recycler, as well as tips and case studies, try clicking here for the Smart Business Recycling web site.  Other search engines are a Earth911 and


Exchange programs: donate office furniture or equipment to free exchange programs where others in need can reuse your old materials:

Click here for LA Shares website or call 213-485-1097

Click here for CalMAX website - Statewide materials exchange.

Click here for Freecycle - Worldwide materials exchange with a Torrance Chapter.

Click here for LACoMax - Countywide materials exchange.


Other suggestions (click the underlined links):

CalRecycle for Business

Food Finders or call 562-598-3003 for pickup of donations of unused food for immediate distribution to local charities and homeless agencies

U.S. Zero Waste Business Council - Assistance, Certfication,Training, Workshops.

For electronics recycling, contact the companies on our Hazardous Waste page by clicking here.

For Hazardous Waste/Electronics Recycling or safe disposal:
The Small Quantity Generator Program is available through the City of Los Angeles to all small businesses in Los Angeles County. Click here for their website
 or call 800-988-6942.

For a listing of licensed hazardous waste collectors operating in Torrance, please click here or call Public Works at 310-781-6900.

*Listings of businesses or agencies are for reference only and are not a recommendation by the City.