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The City of Torrance currently has 13 commissions, boards, and councils that are advisory to the City Council. Current meeting information can be found on the City's Events Calendar.   Meetings are subject to change.

Commissioner appointments are made by the City Council at a public meeting in January. Terms begin in February and are for four years with a two-term limit. Applicants must be an elector of the City of Torrance. Applications are kept on file for one year.

To be certified as a commissioner, you are required to attend a Commissioner Certification Training session. The next training will take place Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at 6 p.m. in the Nakano Theatre. Please contact the City Clerk (310-618-2870) or City Manager's office (310-618-5880) for additional information.

Commission applications are accepted at any time during the year and can be downloaded here: Commission Application Form. Forms are also available in the City Clerk's Office.

The City Clerk also maintains a current Local Appointment List noting vacancies and term expirations. Unscheduled vacancies are posted and advertised through notices to interested parties having completed Certification Training. Announcements are made at City Council meetings, on Torrance CitiCABLE, and through homeowner associations.

Compensation is made for expenses at $10 per meeting attended with most agencies meeting once a month. (Refer to specific commission for meeting days)


Airport Commission
The Airport Commission advises the City Council on matters concerning the Torrance Airport in the areas of development of airport facilities, aeronautical leases of airport land, airport special events, and airport noise.

Cable Television Advisory Board
The Board advises and makes recommendations to the Cable Television Foundation and City Council in the area of policies and procedures in public access interests, scheduling public access programming, facilities, and equipment for the community and public access channels, and disbursement of Foundation funds.

Civil Service Commission
The Civil Services Commission is a seven member governing body with authority over Civil Service positions. The Commission approves testing plans to fill positions for City employment; reviews new and revised classifications (job descriptions); and serves as an appellant board on matters regarding the employee selection process, appeals of below standard performance evaluations, and disciplinary actions. A sub-committee of the Commission, the Employee Relations Committee assigns newly created positions to employee representation units.

Commission on Aging
The Commission deals with the needs and issues confronting senior citizens in the community and provides a voice for senior citizens as a community group. The Commission has a direct liaison to the City Council.

Cultural Arts Commission
Assists the City Council in providing for and promoting opportunities for the artistic and cultural development of our citizens.

Environmental Quality Energy Conservation Commission
Duties of the Commission deal with commercial sign reviews, oil production and oil site maintenance, animal control, beautification awards, community noise control, energy conservation, property nuisances, and property maintenance.

Library Commission
The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the operation of the library system by keeping in touch with the patrons; establishes strong lines of communication with the schools; supports the Historical Society and the Friends of the Torrance Library; promotes the use of the library; gives information on its activities and encourages public support as well as legislative support.

Parks and Recreation Commission
The Commission advises and makes recommendations to the Council on matters pertinent to a public park and recreation program, including acquisition of land, equipment, and facilities, and improvements in operations and administration.

Planning Commission
The Commission works with the Community Development Department in the preparation of master plans and zoning studies that affect the growth and development of Torrance.

Social Services Commission
The Social Services Commission addresses issues concerning the City's veterans, homeless population, adults with developmental disabilities and children with special needs.

Traffic Commission
The Traffic Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on street and traffic improvement such as speed limits, transit and truck routes, the placement of crossing guards, and changes to the select street system.

Water Commission
The ultimate objectives of the Commission are to make recommendations for assuring high-quality non-interruptible water service at the lowest possible cost.

Youth Council
The Council is an advisory body to City Council on matters pertaining to youth in Torrance.

Inactive commissions or committees


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