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Quality of Life

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety
    The Torrance Police Department has been proudly serving the community of Torrance for over 80 years. The Police Department's mission is to preserve public safety and the quality of life, to respond effectively to the changing needs of the community, and to promote mutual respect between the Police Department and the people. The Department's primary concern is community safety. The men and women of the Torrance Police Department are wholeheartedly committed to the goal of keeping our neighborhoods free from crime. (
    The Torrance Fire Department was established in 1912, and is dedicated to protecting the community and providing life safety, environmental protection, and property conservation through education, hazard reduction, and emergency response. The Fire Department is also committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. The Torrance Fire Department is one of a small hand-full of fire departments in the United States that has been rated Class 1 by the Insurance Services Office. (
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Community Services, Cultural Arts
  • Recycling / Energy Conservation Program
  • Graffiti Removal Program
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