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 | City Sewer Main Maintenance

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Sewer Main Maintenance

City Sewer Line Maintenance

The Wastewater Program handles the maintenance and repair of the City's storm drain and sewer systems. The City maintains 287 miles of City-owned sewer lines and 9 sewer lift stations. The Wastewater crews are responsible for detecting and correcting major problems. As needed, the crews respond to and repair storm water systems and City sewage systems. In the event of a storm, the Wastewater Division maintains catch basins and responds to complaints and concerns regarding floods. If you are experiencing sewer problems as a result of a City tree, please see the Sewer Policy on the City Trees and Medians page, or click here.



Click here for information on your private sewer lateral.



Sewer fees are charged to all customers who use the City sewer system.  Sewer fees are computed based on water usage measured in 100 cubic feet (ccf), which is also known as a billing unit (BU).  Sewer fees are adjusted on July 1st of each year based on the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The sewer fee is $.3342 per BU starting July 1, 2012. 

As an example:  If a customer uses 28 BU of water during the billing period, the sewer charge would be as follows:

28 BU x $.3342/BU = $9.36

Click here for information on the 2017 - 2021 wastewater (sewer) collection rate increase.

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