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The City of Torrance Purchasing Division maintains a database of prospective bidders for all types of commodities and services normally purchased by the City. Under each commodity or service are listed the names and addresses of vendors who have expressed interest in being contacted when the City requires such items and/or services. The Buyer, prior to soliciting offers reviews this database. The advantage of being in our database is to increase the potential of being notified of our needs. If you would like to be added to this database, please contact the Purchasing Division at (310) 618-5820 to have a Vendor Registration Form mailed to you. You may also come by in person to pick one up, or click here to obtain an Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the form.

Being in the database does not guarantee you will receive solicitations. The sheer number of potential bidders sometimes prohibits the mailing of solicitations or telephoning every vendor listed under a particular commodity or service. While the City makes every attempt to notify all potential bidders to participate in the formal bid process, it is the responsibility of the vendor to secure the proper bid package(s) and remain aware of the City's purchasing and contracting opportunities.