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City Manager
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Who is the City Manager?
LeRoy J. Jackson is the City Manager of the City of Torrance.  The City Manager is appointed by the City Council.  * In the absence of the City Manager, the Assistant City Manager acts in his behalf.  Mary Giordano is the Assistant City Manager of the City of Torrance.

What's the role of the City Manager?
The City Manager is responsible for administering policies, managing the efforts of City departments and enforcing budget controls.  All department heads report to the City Manager except for the City Clerk, City Treasurer, and the City Attorney.

What other functions does the City Manager's office oversee?
The City Manager's Office also acts as a department overseeing the Cable Television Division and providing primary staff to the Cable Television Advisory Board. The City Manager's Office also provides council support, citizen assistance, and oversees the citywide community relations function, legislative affairs, and employee relations. It is the focal point for economic and community development, including land management.

The Office also oversees special events, the City's Volunteer Program and activities related to the City of Torrance Veterans Memorial.

Where is the City Manager's Office located?
The City Manager's Office is located at the third floor of the City Hall (3031 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, CA 90503). 

How can I contact the City Manager's office?
The community can contact the City Manager's office at the address below:

 City Manager's Office
 3031 Torrance Blvd.
 Torrance, CA 90503
 (310) 618-5880