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*Positions of November 2016 Ballot Measures & Proposition *Legislative Positions Letters October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2013 *Prop 41 & Prop 42

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City Legislative Affairs

The City of Torrance tracks legislation to take action on potential laws - State and Federal - that could impact the City's ability to effectively govern.  Legislative liaisons of each department assist in analyzing the impact of proposed legislation on their department.  To find out more about the positions taken by the City and legislation it tracks, please contact Eleanor Barthe-Jones in the City Manager's Office via email (EBJones@TorranceCA.Gov) or by calling (310) 618-5880.

Contact:  Eleanor Barthe-Jones
                 City Manager's Office
                 Phone: 618-5880

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City of Torrance Legislative Results: Oct. 1, 2014 - Sept. 30, 2016 Session

City of Torrance Legislative Position Outcomes: Oct. 1, 2014 - Sept. 30, 2016 Session




  • Influence legislation proposed by State and Federal legislative bodies.
  • Take action on potential laws that could impact the City's ability to effectively govern.
  • Take positions on State Ballot initiatives or on pending bills in the State or Federal law-making process.
  • Oppose legislation that is detrimental to the City's ability to manage financial resources, zoning and land use issues.
  • Promote legislation to enhance local control.



  • Coordinate with City's lobbyists on bills that impact the City.  The lobbyists are:
1. Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc. (Federal)
2. Joe A. Gonsalves & Son (State)
  • Determine how bill affects local control, the fiscal impact and affect on public safety.
  • Maintain working relationship with district staff.
  • On-going contact with Federal and State legislators on City's position of bills. 
  • Track legislation by department and recommend support or opposition of bills.



Role of Legislative Action

  • Review legislative information from City lobbyists, professional organizations and state and federal websites.
  • Analyze bills to determine impact on department and City.
  • Draft letters of support or opposition for the Mayor's signature.
  • Communicate with City Manager's Office on any legislation of interest or concern.

Role of City Manager's Office

  • Provide legislative information to departments for review, comment and position on bill.
  • Coordinate with City Lobbyists on priorities and strategies.
  • Review request from other organizations requesting letters of support or opposition.
  • Inform Mayor and Council of bills that would have a significant impact on the City.
  • Send letters of support or opposition to the authors of bills, the committee members where a bill is being heard, to the Governor, and to the City's local legislators.



Policies and Guiding Principles (Click on the links to view support and opposition)