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View Obstruction by Trees and Vegetation In the Hillside Overlay District

The View Equity Ordinance was adopted to provide Hillside Overlay residents a process to restore a view obstructed by neighboring private vegetation.  A view can be restored to that which existed on the date the property was purchased or as far back as 15 years prior to the adoption of the Ordinance (which would be 03/07/02), whichever is most recent.  For detailed information, please refer to the links below.

View Equity Fact Sheet

View Equity Process Flowchart

View Equity Ordinance

View Equity Request Application

View Equity Claim Application


Please note that the City does not endorse or recommend professional service providers.  However, the following websites can help you in your search for mediation and arbitration professionals:

·         Southern California Mediation Association

·         College of Commercial Arbitrators

·         Mediators and arbitrators are also listed at

·         The South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution

·         Choice Mediation