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How do I apply for the position of Firefighter with the City of Torrance?

To apply go to www.TorranceCA.Gov/JobsYou must apply online.  You may complete the application now, however you must submit the application between Tuesday, September 6, 2016, at 7:30 a.m. and Monday, September 12, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

What are the requirements for becoming a firefighter with the Torrance Fire Department?

Please read the Job Announcement thoroughly for the requirements.  You will also find pertinent information regarding the position and hiring process.

What happens next after I have submitted my online application?

Your application will be reviewed and only those applicants whose training and experience best meet the City's and the Torrance Fire Department's needs as defined by the candidate profile in the job announcement will be invited to participate in the examination process.

What does the examination process include?

The City of Torrance Human Resources Division requires a written test and panel interview.  You must pass both the written test and the panel interview in order to be placed on an eligible list (a list for hire).

What does the written test include?

Upon invitation to the examination process, applicants will be required to submit their written test (FireTEAM) scores through National Testing Network (  An email will be sent to applicants informing them when to submit the scores through National Testing Network.  All information regarding this process, including the deadline date for score submission, will be included in the email.  You may find out more information regarding the FireTEAM written test by going to NTN's website:

How many positions are available?

Six (6) positions are available.

How will I be notified of my application status throughout the examination process?

All notification will be sent via email during the entire examination process.  Therefore, please make sure that you are checking your email frequently for notification from the City.

How do I prepare for a career in fire service with the Torrance Fire Department?

For more information on a career with the Torrance Fire Department as a firefighter, please click here.

What if I am an out-of-state candidate?

If you are an out-of state candidate, then there are some things you need to keep in mind.  Most of the certificates required throughout the firefighter recruitment process require certification from the State of California or Los Angeles County.  Here are a few websites and/or explanations to assist you in finding information on how to obtain these certificates in California.

EMT certificate:

Fire Fighter 1 Academy:  Curriculum must match that of the CA State Fire Marshal (

CPAT/Biddle certification:  The CPAT or Biddle must be certified in the State of California.  To find out more information on places to take the PAT in California go to "When do I need to submit my PAT certification."

Are veteran's points available if served in the military?

Yes.  Veterans of the Armed Forces, who have received Honorable Discharge from active duty, shall receive an additional 10% to their final score.  To establish eligibility for Veteran's Preference, applicants must attach a copy of their Discharge from Service form (e.g. DD214) with a status of Honorable Discharge on the form to Human Resources.  The form must be submitted before completion of examination process.

What if I require special testing accommodation during the examination process?

You must complete the Reasonable Request for Accommodation for any part of the examination process.  You must submit this form to Human Resources before the final application filing deadline.

What happens next after the written test?

You must pass the written test in order to be invited to the panel interview process.  The interviews are anticipated to be scheduled for the week of November 14, 2016.

When do I need to submit my PAT certification?

CPAT or Biddle standardized physical abilities certification is required of all candidates and must be dated within one calendar year of November 18, 2016.  This certification MUST be maintained current throughout the testing and selection processes.  Certificate(s) submission will be required after completion of the written test.  You will be notified via email of when you may submit your PAT certificate.  Therefore, please do not submit your certificate until you are contacted with this information.

The CPAT or Biddle must be certified in the State of California.

Candidates are responsible for obtaining a Biddle or CPAT certificate (Physical Abilities Certification).  Here are some agencies that provide information regarding the abilities testing:

California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee:

Santa Ana College:

Rio Hondo Fire Academy:

Mt. San Antonio College:

Oxnard College:

I have completed the entire examination process, what is the next step?

The applicant must pass each component of the examination process with a 70 or above.  The applicant will be placed in Bands based on their final score - Band 1 consists of scores 100-90, Band 2 89-80, and Band 3 79-70.   The applicant is also placed on an eligible list or a "list for hire."  You may be contacted by the Fire Department when they are ready to start the department hiring process.

How long will my name remain on the eligible list?

The eligible list is valid for six (6) months upon completion of the examination process.

What happens after my name is placed on the eligible list?

Based on Band placement, a select number of eligible list applicants will then move on to a Chief's interview for a more personal conversation with a panel of upper administrators of the Fire Department. The Fire Department will then conduct a background check, which can be very extensive. After a successful background check (which will include a polygraph screen), you will be given a thorough physical medical exam. Upon passing the physical, you will generally be given an extensive psychological exam. Those passing all the above will generally be offered a job with the Fire Department.

Once I am offered the job with the Fire Department, when will the training class start?

The dates of the recruit class are unknown at this time, but we anticipate starting sometime in early or late Spring 2017.