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Apprentice Relief Bus Operator/Trainee Program Information

                                City of Torrance
Apprentice Relief Bus Operator/Trainee Hiring Process




Apprentice Relief Bus Operator Trainee Job Announcement 

To become an Apprentice Relief Bus Operator Trainee for the City of Torrance, all of the steps of the hiring process below must be successfully completed.

Step 1: Apply
* Submit completed standard City of Torrance application
* Submit completed supplemental questionnaire that is attached to job announcement
* Submit an original DMV driving record with no points within the last three (3) years (California DMV H6 printout)

Step 2: Examination
Applicants who satisfy the ideal candidate profile are invited to the examination. The examination components measure:
* Customer Service
* Basic Math
* Reading
* Writing Skills

The candidate must pass each component of the written test with a 70 or above in order to be placed on the eligible list (list for hire).  Following the written test, you will be notified of your final results by mail. Once you are placed on the eligible list, your name is given to the Transit Department to schedule you for a department interview.

Step 3: Interview
The Transit Department will contact you for an interview approximately four (4) weeks after receiving your name on the eligible list.

Following the interview, you will be notified of the outcome of your interview within approximately two (2) weeks.

Step 4: Pre-employment Background Process
Upon successful completion of the interview process, selected applicants will be invited to continue in the employment selection process. You will be mailed forms to complete in order to begin the background process. This background screening process will consist of your past ten (10) years of employment and driving history. This process will take approximately two (2) to four (4) weeks.

Step 5: Conditional Offer Letter
If you are successful in the pre-employment background process, you will receive a conditional offer letter. The letter will contain information regarding the registration process with the City's Human Resources Division. The employment offer is contingent upon the following:
* Updated H-6 showing a continued clean driving record
* Results of pre-employment medical examination
* Results of a drug screen

Step 6: Training
To properly prepare for the position, incumbents are required to participate in a formal training program to learn techniques and safety procedures for operation of a bus. The Department will assign you to a training class in accordance to the ARBO schedule.

Contingent on successful completion of the training program within three (3) months, Apprentice Relief Bus Operator Trainees will receive Verification of Transit Training (VTT) and valid Class B License with Air brakes & Passenger Endorsement.

Step 7: Congratulations! You are a City of Torrance Apprentice Relief Bus Operator!