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 | Council Memorial Adjournment

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If you are interested in submitting a request for the Torrance City Council to adjourn in memory of a City employee, retiree, prominent legislative or community member, the following information should be included:

  • Name of Deceased
  • Title or Affiliation
  • Department / Organization
  • Date of Passing / Age
  • Obituary or Brief Biography
  • Service Information, if available
  • Names / Relationships of Survivors
  • Council Date Requested

Please click here for the Council Memorial Adjournment Form. Please e-mail the completed Form to CouncilAdjournment@TorranceCA.Gov.

Please also include the following survivor contact information in your e-mail so that the Mayor may send a sympathy note to the family:

  • Name
  • Relationship to the Deceased
  • Address
  • Phone