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Welcome to the Torrance Strategic Plan.

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On August 12, 2008, the Torrance City Council adopted the 2008 Strategic Plan for the City. The Plan was updated by a group of sixteen citizens, who met weekly from January through May. Making use of data gathered by means of statistically valid telephone surveys, a number of focus groups held throughout the city and a Community Profile, the Strategic Plan Committee carefully reviewed the City's 1999 Strategic Plan and compared it with current data in deciding where changes were warranted.

The biggest change in the Strategic Plan is the addition of a new priority addressing environmental concerns and practices. This priority, entitled "Stewardship of the Environment", addresses goals ranging from increased recycling to more environmentally friendly development practices, and also includes goals encouraging new, green businesses.

The 2008 Strategic Plan also places greater emphasis on education, encouraging the City to find ways to collaborate and partner with the Torrance Unified School District to allow both entities to operate more efficiently. Cultural diversity also receives a greater emphasis than in previous plans, as survey data showed that residents valued the diversity in our community, but felt that the City could do more to demonstrate that value.

After five months of diligent work, the Strategic Plan Committee was proud to present the 2008 Strategic Plan to the Council and the community, believing that it reflects a vision for the City consistent with the hopes and desires of the community. The Strategic Plan Committee also believe that the Strategic Plan will inspire Torrance residents to strive to be and do the best that can be done, both as individuals and as members of the Torrance community.

Since its adoption, the City of Torrance has been working on implementing aspects of the Strategic Plan. The City of Torrance is now working on an Action Plan to implement the goals and sub-goals identified in the Plan.