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Add your business to Torrance Listing

Web Advertisements have been changed to Business Profiles!

The City of Torrance began promoting Torrance businesses on the Internet in January 1996, and now they can participate in an even better webpage.  In 2011, Torrance's online business listing system was converted to a new business profile system.  Designed to help the Torrance business community get discovered, the enhanced features include, among other elements, improved layout, flexible data entry, faster search and a better look and feel.  The business listing page offers a dynamic up-to-date listing of active licenses.  The new features include location mapping, social media links, mobile-friendly display, and search engine optimization.

The enhanced on-line business profile listing is no cost to Torrance based businesses with a current business license.  It's great for those that don't currently have a website, and it's easy to use.  Torrance businesses can click here and activate their profile today!  The new system requires a City login to create or maintain a business profile.  This login also provides access to a number of other online City services.  Please click here to create a new City login.

Features That Have Been Improved

  • Enhanced page layout for the profiles and search page
  • Enhanced business hours section, providing flexible data entry
  • Enhanced search on profiles
    • Faster search results
    • Better looking web pages
    • Search by business activity- both Torrance code and NAICS code
    • Search results can be sorted
  • Faster submittal and approval processes
  • Persistent link to business profile
  • Dynamic profile information

New Features

  • new Internet-savvy components
    • Map swatch showing business location
    • Social media: Links to business's Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Search engine optimization to increase visibility of the business profile in Internet search results
  • mobile-friendly display of search and profile pages
  • integrated with City single-sign-on (SSO)system

Other Points

  • City-funded project:  the system & improvements implemented at no cost to local businesses.
  • For businesses without a website, this could function as an Internet hub, providing potential customers with links to a business's email, Facebook and Twitter contact information, as well as traditional location, phone and business hours.
  • Requires a free online account with the City that also provides access to a number of other City online services
  • Existing business listings were converted over to the new business profiles
  • Provides a no-cost way for Torrance businesses to increase their online presence, which is especially valuable for small and local businesses
  • Torrance has been offering free online listings to Torrance businesses for over 15 years

Business advertisements are available free only for businesses located in the City of Torrance that have a current Torrance business license.

Licensed Torrance businesses that wish to enter their information for inclusion in the Torrance Business Listing system will need the following information:

  • Business License Number
  • Password (the 4-digit category code listed on your Business License)

Whenever you log into the Torrance Business Listing system, you will see the current information the City has on your business.  This system is where you can fill in details on your business address, business hours, contact information, website address, and/or a text-only advertisement.  You will not be able to edit any information that is registered with your business license, such as business name, but you can always continue to add or change any information that is not registered on your business license.  If you want to change any of the information on your business license, please contact our Business License office at 310-618-5828.  If you would like to have your existing listing removed immediately and cannot log in to the Business Listing system, please contact the Economic Development office at 310-618-5807 or via email.

Torrance Business On-line Listing is a service offered by the City of Torrance - Office of Economic Development.  For questions or comments, contact our office at EconomicDevelopment@TorranceCA.Gov.